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Baiba Leite

Colburn, Catterick Garrison


My name is Baiba Leite and I am an Ofsted registered childminder. I live at home with my husband and my two children, 12 years old and 7 years old. Our home is a warm, welcoming and loving environment. My aim is to help your child/children grow and develop in a safe and secure family environment. I work within a framework that ensures equality and opportunity for all children and families. I offer learning through a play environment that meets the needs of individual children.
Childminder-Ofsted Registered

    My setting was open all the time during Covid Pandemic time for keyworker children. I drafted Policies and Prodecures as per the Government guidelines and followed up closely to change anything if they were updating something. We stayed in for the period as it was not allowed to go out and mix with people and visit places. I clean all the surfaces and toys regularly, I had a doorstep 2 meter handover, children were washing hands on arrival (during the day) and when leaving etc. I didnt wear ppe as masks would scare the children. Some of the PPE didn't make a sense to wear as it wouldnt protect me or others in the setting anyway. The children this age can't understand 2 meter rule so we were mixing in our small bubble. Thankfully, in my setting there were no cases so far, I am happy with all the procedures put in place. All parents were made aware of what we would do if there would be an outbreak and were happy to follow the Policy and my procedures regarding closure and quarantine time.

    This service provides the following Coronavirus services:

  • Children and families

Some services may only be suitable to a specific age range or to those who meet specific criteria. The following eligibility criteria applies to this service:


  • Funded places - Registered for 2 year old funding
  • Funded places - Registered for 3/4 year old funding
Amount How often From To
£5.00 Hourly Cost
Day(s) of the week Description Start time End time From To
Monday Daily hours 07:30:00 17:30:00
Tuesday Daily hours 07:30:00 17:30:00
Wednesday Daily hours 07:30:00 17:30:00
Thursday Daily hours 07:30:00 17:30:00
Friday Daily hours 07:30:00 17:30:00

Last updated: 14/01/2022