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Mindful Photography Project


A free online Facebook Group aimed at residents in North Yorkshire to connect via Mindful Photography Practice. The group is run by Rebecca Rowan found of Mindful Photography UK who offers various projects to organisations and individuals in the area. 


  • Workshops and courses (often with supported funding)
  • Free facebook group
  • Free community projects
  • 1:1 Mindful Photography Sessions for individuals


Please see website www.mindfulphotography.org.uk for new courses and opportunities. 



How does it work?

I work alongside groups or individuals to provide structured photography workshops to support wellbeing.

Why Mindful Photography?
I use photography to help groups and individuals connect with nature and find the inspiration to take daily exercise.

Who with?
I engage with a diverse range of client groups; those with a learning or physical disability, those who have engaged in the criminal justice system, participants who have experienced mental health difficulty or forms of abuse and busy families wanting to increase their activity levels and improve well-being.

Who am I?
I was very lucky to be brought up in the rolling hills of the Scottish Borders and have now settled in the equally beautiful North Yorkshire. 

My working life has always been community based.

I have worked with a large number of partners, charities and organisations and continue to seek out new groups who would like to experience the benefits of slowing down, taking notice and learning a new skill for life.

Why it works - sharing photos in a positive environment helps build self esteem and resilience, therefore reducing social isolation within communities.

I support people in learning new skills and enjoy helping them develop their own coping strategies for the future.

Working together, especially online supports people in building IT independence.

I love photography, being creative, walking, fresh air and so sharing mindful photography has to be the perfect job for me!

I am trained in mental health first aid, participatory and therapeutic photography and I love sharing the positive effects with new groups and individuals.

Please call me on 07709 325823 to find out about my next project or email me at rebecca@mindfulphotography.org.uk




    The facebook group is accessible online and Mindful Photography UK offers various online and face to face projects throughout the year. 

    This service provides the following Coronavirus services:

  • Social and leisure activities
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Children and families
  • Training and employment

    This service covers the following area(s):

  • Upper Dales
  • Malton
  • Whitby
  • Skipton
  • Knaresborough
  • Selby
  • Ripon
  • Northallerton
  • Scarborough
  • Harrogate
  • Catterick Garrison

    The following functions are relevant to this service:

  • Health and social care
  • Leisure and culture

Some services may only be suitable to a specific age range or to those who meet specific criteria. The following eligibility criteria applies to this service:


  • No restrictions apply


  • 17-25
  • 25-64
  • 65+


  • No restrictions apply

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