The Craven Trust

The Craven Trust, SKIPTON


We are a grant-making charity supporting community projects in the Craven area. This covers parts of North and West Yorkshire, Cumbria and Lancashire, which make up the northern part of the former West Riding of Yorkshire.

We provide local money for local needs. That means that donations from our supporters ; both companies and individuals ; are used to build an endowment fund. The interest from this is paid out in grants so their contributions continue to benefit the community for years to come.

Our trustees come from all walks of life but one thing that they have in common is years of experience of working among the communities of Craven. They also share a passionate commitment to providing an easily accessible source of funding that helps groups and organisations to improve the lives of people from across the district. They give up their time for free because they believe that volunteering is the lifeblood of our communities.

In 1999, we began administering grants for another local charity called the Beamsley Trust. This means that we can also give grants to make life better for individuals facing hardship.

    Please access the Beamsley Trust application form on our website if you are an individual in need. You must live in the Craven area and apply via a referrer. Guidance and the application form can be found here:


    This service provides the following Coronavirus services:

  • Finance, housing and advice

    This service covers the following area(s):

  • Skipton

    The following functions are relevant to this service:

  • Grants and aid

Some services may only be suitable to a specific age range or to those who meet specific criteria. The following eligibility criteria applies to this service:


  • From Other


  • Within District

Last updated: 18/11/2020