Support from community support organisations

Not everyone has family, friends or neighbours to check on them. Community support organisations have been set up across North Yorkshire. If you or someone you know needs help they can call North Yorkshire County Council on: 01609 780 780 every day between 8am and 5.30pm.

Visit the North Yorkshire County Council website for updates on council services affected by the coronavirus.

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Coronavirus support services

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Little Owls Pre-School

Open right through for key worker children and from June 1st any nursery child that asked to return did so .

Humpty Dumpty's Day Nursery

We provided full nursery provision and are open to children who wish to attend. We have done risk assessments, changed policies, following strict cleaning routines. Regularly check government and NYCC guidelines and implement any changes.

Munchkins Day Nursery (Selby) Ltd

Open as usual and following the government guidelines. Parents drop off and collect at the door to minimise number of people entering the building. Anyone showing symptoms are sent home and advised to follow government guidelines and get a test.

The School House Nursery

Children are grouped together using the bubble technique to minimise close contact where possible. Hand sanitiser is available in all rooms and in reception and outside the building for entry in / out of the nursery. Children are encouraged to wash...

David Leather

Flexible around my opening hours and school drop off and pick ups, please call me for a discussion on your needs. Childminder-Ofsted Registered

Baiba Leite

My setting was open all the time during Covid Pandemic time for keyworker children. I drafted Policies and Prodecures as per the Government guidelines and followed up closely to change anything if they were updating something. We stayed in for the pe...

White Rabbit Pre-School

We are open and offering an enriched environment to two small bubbles, with a maximum of eight children in one bubble and four in the other bubble daily. The bubbles operate from two separate rooms and do not mix during the day. a We have staggered...

Mucktubs Preschool

returned to work 1st June offering 2 bubbles. One on monday and tuesday and the other on thursday and friday. We will close on the 17th July for summer holidays

Daisys Childcare

Closed from 30 March 2020 and reopened 1 June 2020.