Support from community support organisations

Not everyone has family, friends or neighbours to check on them. Community support organisations have been set up across North Yorkshire. If you or someone you know needs help they can call North Yorkshire County Council on: 01609 780 780 every day between 8am and 5.30pm.

Visit the North Yorkshire County Council website for updates on council services affected by the coronavirus.

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Coronavirus support services

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Lori Cook

Yes I have remained open for my key worker parents, and taken on new key worker children due to their childminder been closed. and have vacancies for parents needing cover.

Janet Jones

Following government guidelines, vacancies available

Judith Trotter

Sanitizer stations in operation every surface sanitised daily multiple times. Bathroom sanitised after each use. Paper towels used. Toys washed weekly if used. Gloves and Apron used. Children bring their own food so contamination. Covid19 policy in ...

Valerie Hunter

Caring for existing minded ones under strict covid policy which all parents have agreed to.

Alison Baker

I am following the risk assessment guidance from the government, I have installed sensor controlled sanitisers and have temperature checks on arrival, checks are made daily to monitor the hygiene of equipment used and frequent hand washing 

Deborah Reid

I opened on 3rd August but only have limited spaces available. I will be adhering to government guidelines regarding covid-19 throughout the pandemic period. I have a covid-19 policy for parents to conform to, and can provide parents with further det...

Tracey Gander

I provide a warm and welcoming family environment.Childminder-Ofsted Registered

Jayne Bedford-Forbes

Service offered for the children as I previously offered. However, I now stagger the arrival and departure times. I have increased cleaning and sanitisation in place. No parents enter the facility. I follow government guidelines and as of today have ...

Heidi Yorke

I've stayed open and worked my normal hours.

Sarah Midgley

I am open to all children, staggering start times and finishing times. I have risk assessed my setting and increased cleaning routine, I have a hand wash station for children to wash hands before entering. No visitors are to enter while I am open and...