Support from community support organisations

Not everyone has family, friends or neighbours to check on them. Community support organisations have been set up across North Yorkshire. If you or someone you know needs help they can call North Yorkshire County Council on: 01609 780 780 every day between 8am and 5.30pm.

Visit the North Yorkshire County Council website for updates on council services affected by the coronavirus.

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Coronavirus support services

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Rainbow Private Nursery School

Full nursery services across the site. Limited availability on certain days

Busy Bees Pre-School Pannal

We are currently only accepting children who attend one setting. We operate staggered drop off and pick up times and undertake rigorous deep cleaning during the week, to fully sanitise the setting.

St John's Playgroup

We closed initially, but have since reopened on reduced numbers. We are open for 12 children, as a maximum, and are in 2 ''groups''. We have followed government guidance in all areas and have a full risk assessment and policy in place.

Seamer Pre-School

Normal service other than staggered start and finish times

Noah's Ark Preschool

Half days, term time only Risk assessment in place following Government guidelines

Brougham Street Nursery School

We have a full risk assessment in place for the Nursery (this has been accepted and reviewed by our HANDS representative). All children are in small groups of no more than 16 over the course of the week. We have prioritised vulnerable and children of...

Sarah Amy Fenn

Services are open apart from care for children at school. Parent''s are asked to wear a face mask while on site and resources and rooms are cleaned on a daily basis. Children wash hands/sanitise hands on entering premises and regularly throughout...