Support from community support organisations

Not everyone has family, friends or neighbours to check on them. Community support organisations have been set up across North Yorkshire. If you or someone you know needs help they can call North Yorkshire County Council on: 01609 780 780 every day between 8am and 5.30pm.

Visit the North Yorkshire County Council website for updates on council services affected by the coronavirus.

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Coronavirus support services

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Evolution Counselling Services

During the pandemic many have struggled with their mental health in one way or another, and as we go into another lockdown it is likely that peoples mental health will suffer even more due to isolation and the winter months. With this in mind I ha...

Dementia Forward

Our helpline remains open and our support team are taking calls from both existing and new clients every day. We are also making welfare calls to check on people. For those clients that are able to access the internet we are offering online groups, a...

Supported work and skills development

We adapted our services to enable our team members to pack kindling at home by providing each of them with a mobile packing chute. A bag of kindling for them to pack has been delivered weekly. This has enabled us to ensure that each team member con...

Northallerton Advanced Motorist (IAMRoadsmart Group)

HI All, We are a group of IAM Roadsmart (institute of advanced motorists). we cover advanced driving and road safety in Hambleton and Richmondshire. We provide free asssesment rides out to help you check you motoring. We aslo meet at The For...

The Go-To

The Go-To The Go-To is a website that provides information to help signpost young people, families and professionals to the right information and services available for mental health and wellbeing across North Yorkshire. Visit

Futureworks NY

We are continuing with our provision however, currently this is being done in small bubbles with the option to work remotely as well. We are currently taking referrals for our programmes.

North Yorkshire Music Therapy Centre

Musical appointments - finding community through music Join us in ZOOM group music therapy sessions. These sessions will provide the opportunity to express and explore feelings and emotions through playing and listening to music with others to sup...

Sleights Area Men's Shed

A Shed for men and women bringing together people at risk of social isolation arising from circumstances such as loneliness, bereavement, loss of job, adjusting to retirement or change of place, relationship breakdown and other factors that can impac...

North Yorkshire Virtual Weight Management Programme

The Scarborough and Ryedale virtual weight management service works with you as an individual, identifying your personal health and lifestyle needs with a focus on addressing your personal need to lose weight and feel great. The service is designed t...