Hambleton Lifeline

Hambleton Lifeline, Northallerton


Hambleton Lifeline is our emergency alarm call and monitoring service - especially provided to enable older people, the disabled and the vulnerable to continue to live in their own home with greater confidence and security. The service is available no matter where you may live within the Hambleton district, irrespective of your tenure. Calls are answered by a team of friendly, helpful staff who have an in-depth knowledge of people's needs and preferences and who deal with what can be distressing situations in a calm professional manner. We arrange help, whatever the problem, ensuring that those we care for live and enjoy complete peace of mind. Hambleton Lifeline has over 2,000 connections to individual properties throughout North Yorkshire providing 24-hour emergency help for thousands of people everyday. Our call centre technology ensures that even customers who have no speech can be identified and help arranged. We are available Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 5 pm on 01609 767908 and then our calls transfer to our call centre at Welbeing until 8.30 am.

  • Hambleton Lifeline
    Broadacres House, Standard Way
    Mount View
    North Yorkshire
    DL6 2YD
  • 01609 767908
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Last updated: 11/02/2019