North Yorkshire Music Therapy Centre



The North Yorkshire Music Therapy Centre (NYMTC) was established in 1987 and is a registered charity no 702533. Our service is funded by fees, grants and donations.

We provide a community-based music therapy service to improve the lives of children and adults who have difficulties in communicating and expressing themselves. Music therapy is a therapeutic intervention that involves interactive music making between the therapist and the client through exploring instruments, singing and musical improvisation.

Music therapy is commonly used with people of all ages to promote better communication and social-work skills, self-expression, positive change and engagement with learning.

We also aim to improve access to music therapy in North Yorkshire so we invest time in promoting the benefits of music therapy to the public and to professionals in health, education and social care.

We offer improvisation workshops, training sessions for staff and parents, postgraduate training placements and other inputs into further education.

NYMTC therapists are registered with the Health & Care Professions Council and are members of the British Association for Music Therapy.

We are in the process of moving premise for a more accessible one.

Some services may only be suitable to a specific age range or to those who meet specific criteria. The following eligibility criteria applies to this service:


  • All ages

Last updated: 11/02/2019