Woodfield Primary School



At Woodfield, we have a Nursery and Reception Class which is our Early Years Unit. We welcome children into Early Years the term after they have turned three years old. If you would like your child to attend our Nursery, please contact us directly. We would be delighted to hear from you. A place in Nursery, does not guarantee a place in the school the next year when children reach Statutory School Age, though equally, non-attendance of the nursery does not impact on entrance to Reception either. For both Nursery and Reception children, parents are able to put their child’s name down at school, expressing an interest (this does not mean a place has been offered) at any time prior to their commencement age.All day provision is 8:45am – 2:45pm with the choice of purchasing an additional half an hour at the end of the day to bring the end of the day in line with the main school. We do not provide a lunch provision for those who only do morning or afternoon, only those who do full day.
Maintained Nursery Schools And Classes

Some services may only be suitable to a specific age range or to those who meet specific criteria. The following eligibility criteria applies to this service:


  • Funded places - Registered for 3/4 year old funding
Amount How often From To
£4.00 Hourly Cost
Day(s) of the week Description Start time End time From To
Wednesday Daily hours 08:45:00 15:15:00
Tuesday Daily hours 08:45:00 15:15:00
Thursday Daily hours 08:45:00 15:15:00
Monday Daily hours 08:45:00 15:15:00
Friday Daily hours 08:45:00 15:15:00

Last updated: 05/12/2019