Ryedale Community Transport

Ryedale Community Transport, MALTON


The principle activity of Ryedale Community Transport is the provision of community transport, offering transport solutions to rurally isolated communities and groups, individuals with special transport needs for example those with mobility issues and young people accessing training, education and jobs. These objectives are achieved through the operation of the following services: Volunteer car scheme. A door to door demand responsive Ring Ride service. A group travel minibus brokerage. A Wheels to Work moped loan scheme. We also carry out contract work, such as home to school transport, registered bus services and social services journeys, as well as a fortnightly Shopper Bus. Ryedale Community Transport also operates the wheelchair loan scheme on behalf of the British Red Cross, which no longer has a presence in Ryedale. The Wheels to Work project is primarily aimed at helping people to pursue work and job opportunities, or to access education and training, in order to enhance their employability. This project is very well received by both clients and sponsors, as it helps to set people off on an economically viable path in life. The whole office is on one level so should be easily accessible for wheelchair users.

Last updated: 11/02/2019