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Growing up alongside a younger brother with learning disabilities, I understand the difference good support makes. As a family, we have always strived to ensure that Matthew leads a fulfilling life, fully connected with his friends and family and integrated within the local community. These principles are the bedrock which formed Walsingham Support in 1986 when my father set up the organisation to create a better life for people with disabilities.


Since joining the team in 1992 and becoming CEO in 2005, I have been lucky enough to witness and contribute to key organisational achievements. This has been both a personal and a professional journey and I am very proud of what we have achieved over the past 30 years.


Working with a range of stakeholders including people we support, families, staff, healthcare, employment and housing professionals, has enabled Walsingham Support to make great progress. Working together and sharing our experiences has benefitted the organisation and, fundamentally, created more opportunities for people we support. We have gained a wealth of knowledge and have used this to contribute to the development of the wider health and social care sector across England and Wales.


Our 'can do' attitude has enabled us to develop innovative personalised support solutions for individuals with a wide range of disabilities and has ensured that, as an organisation, we remain forward thinking in our approaches.


At Walsingham Support, we take pride in who we are and provide solutions as unique as each individual we support.


Those representing Walsingham Support today will be able to tell you more about our great work and if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get back in touch.


Walsingham Support ; Direct Payment Services

We are Walsingham Support, a national charity that has been supporting people with learning disabilities, autism, brain injuries and complex needs for more than 30 years.


Whether it's a couple of hours a week or 24-hour, seven-day support, we provide bespoke solutions that enable individuals with disabilities to live fulfilling, happy lives.


We really take time to get to know the people we support; to identify their needs, to learn about their abilities and aspirations, and to recognise what makes them unique. We work with the people we support to develop and deliver tailored, person-centred support.


While our work and the support we provide constantly evolves to meet the demands of the ever-changing social care landscape, our vision has remained the same:


We seek an equal and diverse society, in which people with disabilities are citizens in their own right who are supported to be happy and to reach their full potential.


How we can help with Direct Payments


We can provide as much assistance as each individual needs in managing the direct payments process, from application to ongoing support. We can help people to understand how much money they are entitled to and talk them through how and when they will receive it.


We support each person in exploring their options, including what sorts of support and services they can choose to buy, what types of support aren't covered by direct payments, and arrangements for

paying for their support.


For added peace of mind, we can also help to set up a bank account in an individual's name to receive the direct payments, and provide effective and transparent money management.


Most importantly, we adapt our support to fit each individual's choices and abilities. That means that how 'hands on' we are will entirely depend on what each individual decides.


We encourage everyone to play a full and active part in planning their support, and we work alongside them to help make decisions that are right for each person.


For more information please feel free to get in touch or download our leaflet.


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Walsingham Support



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