Weaponness Valley Community Group

Brookleigh and/or Coventry University, SCARBOROUGH


The Weaponness Valley Community Group (WVCG) was formed with an unincorporated constitution in April 2015 to become a forum for resident's concerns to be expressed with County and Borough councillors and the Police regarding the loss of the local environment and anti-social behaviour resulting from the over-development of the area to host a University and Sports complex. Since April 15, the WVCG has continued with monthly meetings to mitigate the parking and traffic issues which have emerged and by lobbying with Scarborough Mencap for a disabled road crossing. The WVCG continues to lobby for the local PSPO to be enforced as regards car nuisance. The WVCG is represented on the Scarborough Neighbourhood Watch committee.

Using a Community Grant, the local environment has been improved by resident volunteers working with professional guidance to adopt a neglected, local Orchard by pruning existing trees and planting more varieties plus adding wildflowers to create a spectacular Spring bloom together with the cherry tree blossom. This area is a refuge for the endangered Hedgehog. The residents have also adopted a neglected alley formerly used for fly-tipping and drug abuse to create an all weather surface suitable for disabled users and baby buggies. The street lighting has been adapted to cover the area all-night. The alley has been gardened by resident volunteers and was selected for a prestigious Community award. The Beck which borders the University and UTC is being monitored by the Environment Agency at the instigation of the WVCG.

The WVCG has been awarded "Most Cared for Neighbourhood" 2018 & 2019 by the Scarborough Gardening Awards team and also received an award from the Britain/Yorkshire in Bloom scheme by the RHS. A community designed and assembled mosaic art installation has been short-listed for an NYCC Community Project Award Oct 2019.

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Last updated: 14/10/2019